Hi, Welcome to Amuni !

Amunì means Let's go! in Sicilian 🇮🇹 

If you have NO TIME to

  • Drive around multiple shops
  • Queue up with everyone else
  • Surf the internet for hours

to find something special you really like to treat yourself or family, friends, and colleagues

you are in the right place.

We are a family business in London serving busy people worldwide who value their free time more than anything!

We design innovative all-in-one products that makes your life easier, so you can spend your time doing what you really love! 

Buy and get it delivered to your door or send it straight to family and friends 💝 ! Prices are NOT included in the box. 

We will take care of you cause you are part of the family! 

Have you checked our unique pre-packed Maternity Bag?! 

What You Can Do, or Dream You Can, Begin It;

Boldness Has Genius, Power, and Magic in It. Goethe


SILVIA AND LITTLE MIA, Founder and CEO of Motivation

You can read her story here.

Her Motto is:

What you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Goethe

ZURAB Director and CEO of Get it Done

Zurab is the rock of the family. Stubborn, organised, drives everyone insane and he is the most hard working person you'll ever meet. 

His Motto is:

What is a motto? I have no time for mottos, Silvia! I am busy. Let's get it done! 

ERICKA Customer Service Manager and CEO of SLS aka Silvia's Life Saving

September Girl with thick thighs and Tattoos is how Ericka describes herself.

34-year-old rockstar Mom to 1 daughter and 8 dogs. A certified home-cook, bookworm, she loves playing mobile games during her free time - only (Silvia is reading... LOL).

Her Motto is:

Be a Flamingo in a flock of Pigeons.

JANS IT Manager and CEO of Solutions

Jans is the 'go-to' girl by literally everyone she knows!

She thrives on problem solving. You will always hear her saying "there must be a way..." (and 99.9% of the times she finds it!).

When not drilling through Amuni's never ending checklist you'll find her enjoying the sun in her garden.
Her Motto is: 

Use your smile to change the world don't let the world change your smile!