Here they are, some of our amazing customers and AMBASSADORS! 

Our perfect and beautiful - never photoshopped - normal and incredible people: mums, non mums, married, single, partners, staying at home, working full time, or entrepreneurs. 

All different, all beautiful, all with an incredible story to tell. 

Do you think you have a story to tell and would like to be our Ambassador? 

Get in touch! 😊 🌈 

Tiziana - Physiotherapist

Tiziana is a beautiful, sweet and determined physiotherapist. In 2019, tired of working for "a boss" she opened her own studio with her partner 💪. She has designed and runs courses to help elderly and the one more in need to stay active and relief their pain.  


Valeria - Pharmacist 

Valeria is a mum of two and a pharmacist. Since COVID 19 brutally hit Italy in February, she has been working tirelessly as a key worker (and a national hero! 🦸‍♀️) putting her own health and her loved ones' at risk to help everyone else always with a huge smile. We are so so proud to have her and her beautiful baby Alessandro as our Ambassadors.   

Francesca - Mood 

Francesca is an entrepreneur and an aromatherapist. One of her dreams was to become a perfume creator. Not only she did it, but she also founded Mood in 2019.

...Staying connected to ourselves and to what we do. This is what Mood's fragrances are, a journey of inspiration and joy, to create and give well-being to ourselves and to those who surround us. Francesca



Giada - Marcuzzi Weddings

At Amuni we love Giada. She is a strong independent woman and entrepreneur. She arrived in London and worked in the wedding industry to learn the job.

She decided to move back home and start absolutely from scratches Giada Marcuzzi Weddings, an all-women wedding planners' dream-team based in Italy.